Late-Night Hosts Trash Trump's State of the 'Uniom' Address Before It Even Begins
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"If you want to know how the country is doing, the State of the Union is being delivered by Donald Trump," Seth Meyers jokes.

Donald Trump's first State of the Union address to the American people was ridiculed by late-night comedians before it even began.

The president will give the American people an update tonight, but Monday night, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers were busy snickering over the official invitation to the event misspelling union as "uniom."

We suspect it's a sign of more laughs to come as late-night TV hosts and their writers prepare to mock every word that comes out of Trump's mouth in a few hours.

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

If ever Donald Trump was going to be expected to be presidential, it would be during tonight's address. And Jimmy Fallon thinks he gets that.

"You can tell he's serious about it," Fallon said, "Because today he hopped on his computer and Googled 'How to do State of the Union' address."

Trump won't be the only one Americans will be focused on, either. Fallon joked that while he was practicing his speech, "Mike Pence and Paul Ryan are practicing their 'I'm horrified but I can't show it face.'"

Fallon also pointed out that "Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not be at the State of the Union because of a previous commitment. When asked what she had to do, she said, 'Oh, I just don't want to be there.'"

"Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

Stephen Colbert noted the significance of the annual State of the Union address by joking, "[Trump's] not scheduled to appear in front of Congress again until the impeachment hearings."

But Colbert was quick to point out that this is an address to tout the accomplishments of the current administration. He explained that it's about showing what the United States is like these days, "And they may have done that because they sent out these actual tickets to see the 'State of the Uniom.'"

Colbert did let his audience know the tickets would be corrected and reprinted. "They're gonna recall the old ones," he said, "Which could be tough because I've seen members of the Trump administration testify and they can't recall anything.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Jimmy Kimmel marveled at the misspelling: "Is there nothing they can't screw up?"

But he also imagined the Republican response by saying, "That's because we're real Americans, not some pansy-ass spellers!"

Despite the error, Kimmel figured Trump is probably ready for tonight's big speech. "State of the Union is the one day of the year presidents are supposed to brag about their accomplishments, so he's been training for this really for his whole life," he joked.

On the other hand, are we sure the president fully understands what's expected of him?

"There's a good chance Trump thinks the State of the Union means he gets to present the award for his favorite state tomorrow," Kimmel said, before slipping into his Trump impression to add, "And the State of the Union is Florida. Congratulations, Florida, I'll see you all at Mar-a-Lago."

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"

Meyers doesn't think it matters what Trump says, he's confident many Americans already know the state that the union is in.

"If you want to know how the country is doing, the State of the Union is being delivered by Donald Trump," he joked.

Meyers couldn't resist poking fun at the "uniom" typo either. "'Ah, you forgot the 7,' said Betsy Davos," he joked.

The State of the Union airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on all the major networks. Then, Kimmel would like you to flip over to ABC to watch him interview Stormy Daniels, the porn star who alleges an affair with the president, while Colbert is also planning a live show airing immediately after the presidential address.

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