'Vanderpump Rules' Star Kristen Doute Is Confident James Kennedy Has 'Waded in the Penis Pond'
'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Get Their Drink On

Jax Taylor even says, "Of course James and Logan are sleeping with each other. Have you not seen them together? You can totally tell they're boning."

Kristen Doute was adamant on Monday's "Vanderpump Rules" that James Kennedy has "waded in the penis pond," and she reaffirmed that sentiment when she stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" after the episode aired.

"I think he waded in the pond," she repeated when Andy Cohen brought up the possibility of James hooking up with his best friend Logan. "Yes, with Logan."

On last night's "Vanderpump," Logan told Brittany Cartwright's sister that he and James -- who has a girlfriend -- have been hooking up. James denied the accusation, but Kristen didn't doubt it may have happened once or twice, saying, "Do I think James wants to date guys? No. Do I think James has ever waded in the penis pond? Yeah, I do."

On "WWHL," Andy pressed Kristen further about the situation and asked if she ever thought it would have happened when she was dating James.

"I did not when I was with James, but I think that my focus was a little all over the place," she admitted. "I was more focused on Tom and Ariana at that point."

None of the other cast members were too shocked to hear that James may or may not have slept with Logan. Jax Taylor even said, "Of course James and Logan are sleeping with each other. Have you not seen them together? You can totally tell they're boning."

See what else Kristen had to say about her "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars below.

Did Scheana Sleep With Carl from 'Summer House'?

A caller asked Kristen if she could confirm whether or not Scheana Marie hooked up with Carle Radke from "Summer House," to which Kristen replied, "I wasn't there, but I can 1 million percent confirm that it happened."

After the comment, Scheana tweeted, "I find it funny how Kristen Doute keeps saying she knows things '1 million percent' happened when she's never there and we aren't friends."

"Oooooh, tough dig," Kristen said in response.

Will Kristen and Ariana Ever Be Friends?

A caller asked Kristen if she and Ariana Madix would ever be friends, and Kristen chose her words very carefully.

"I think that we are friendly, we are great acquaintances, we hang out, we text, she unblocked me on social media," Kristen said. "I'm scared to use the word 'friends' because if she breaks up with me, I'm gonna be really upset about it."

Who's the One Ex She'd Take Back?

A caller asked Kristen which ex she'd take back, and gave her the option of choosing from Tom Sandoval, James and Jax.

"So Jax wasn't my ex," Kristen said. "And I love Tom and Ariana together, but if I had to choose, it'd be Tom."

"That's what I was gonna predict," Andy said.

Is Pasta Code for Cocaine?

Perhaps the most memorable line thus far on this season of "Vanderpump Rules" happened when James and Lala got into an argument over pasta. James had already had a bit to drink when his girlfriend, Raquel, came up in conversation. James misread Lala's funny story about the time she ate all of Raquel's pasta, and James lost his mind. "It's not about the pasta!" he yelled repeatedly.

Andy asked Kristen if "pasta" was a code word for something else -- something like cocaine.

"Pasta is not the code word for cocaine," she said laughing. "I swear. I actually almost ate the pasta. It's the angel hair checca at SUR, and it is a huge portion. I would've eaten it, too."

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