Deadpool Live-Tweeted the Super Bowl and Hilariously Mocked Tom Brady
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After saying Fox was "too cheap" for a commercial, Deadpool went to work on Twitter.

Instead of dropping serious bags of cash to debut a trailer during the Super Bowl, Ryan Reynolds' murderous on-screen alter-ego went viral for live-tweeting the big game from the official "Deadpool" twitter account Sunday night.

"Remember that time I was wrist-deep in cocoa butter and Fox called to say they were too cheap to buy a spot in the big game then told me I had to live tweet it? Cause I do..." the account tweeted.

Deadpool kicked off the evening by commenting on Pink's stellar performance of the National Anthem despite being sick with the flu, and staying true to character, his tweets took an inappropriate turn.

"God, I love Pink (and not just the pop singer). Besides being my 2nd favorite shade of red, it's also the color of the inside of people's outsides and that lady biker gang from Grease," he said.

And the super hero didn't stop there. Deadpool consistently mocked New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throughout the game.

"Feel ya on the hand thing, Tom. Good thing we both have that mutant healing factor, huh?" he said. "I loved Tom Brady in La La Land," Deadpool added.

Just like the rest of us, Deadpool was also praying for an NSYNC reunion during Justin Timberlake's Pepsi Halftime Performance slot.

"Lord, if you can hear me, please: Give us an NSYNC reunion tonight," he said.

Relive his Super Bowl Twitter spree below!

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