Rose Red Flags: Krystal’s Luck Runs Out on 'The Bachelor' as Arie Luyendyk Picks Top Seven

Of course Krystal couldn’t go silently into the night.

Justice is prevailing all over the place.

First the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl to underdogs the Philadelphia Eagles and, more importantly, Arie Luyendyk Jr. kicked off Krystal on Monday night’s “The Bachelor.”

In case you missed it, the heavens opened, babies and old men wept and viewers all over America rejoiced that the nightmare that has been Krystal is no more.

Like a bad 1980s romcom, it seemed as though Arie would never come to his senses. But week six did the trick and after reflecting on her bad behavior from the previous episode, dude finally stopped killing us softly and cut his loses. It also didn’t help that Krystal lied to Arie about Kendall’s views on marriage during the women’s two-on-one date with him in Paris.

Bye Girl, Bye

Of course Krystal couldn’t go silently into that good night and tried desperately to garner sympathy from the folks watching at home. She couldn’t get any compassion from Arie because he and Kendall were already at the Eiffel Tower making out.

“It hurts to not feel good enough,” Krystal, 29, confessed. But no one cares, Krystal. You set out to be a reality show villain and this is your fate.

In fact, Arie seemed to gain a lot of clarity in Paris. He revealed a past heartbreak to Lauren B and asked her to stay after their one-on-one; he fell deeper in love with Bekah M and gave her a rose after their group date; and he accepted –- for now -– Jacqueline for the ambitious career woman that she is and gave her a rose too.

If you hadn’t noticed, two out of three of these women have dark brown hair. Arie likes his brunettes. This is probably one of the reasons that the three women he said goodbye to this week are all blondes. Now seven women remain.

Rose Red Flags

Of the seven remaining contestants, only Lauren B and Kendall are blondes. And of the two of them, only Kendall stands a real chance. We only say that because at the end of this week’s installment, Lauren B could be seen and heard whispering to a producer about her doubts.

Apparently, she is worried that if she gets closer to Arie, he will only break her heart the way other men have and she doesn’t know if she can stand more heartbreak. No offense, Lauren B, but all the women on “The Bachelor” run that same risk.

This is one red flag. Another is that Tia professed her love to Arie during week 5 but he has yet to verbally reciprocate her feelings. He kisses her passionately but he kind of does that with all the women. Although Tia will likely be one of the final three, she has to know on some level that he likes Bekah M just a little bit more.

Speaking of which, Becca K made the cut surprisingly. It’s not that Arie isn’t into her, it’s that he seems to be into her the least out of the seven. Unless there’s some footage we haven’t seen, Becca K will likely get cut next week despite the hue of her hair.

Seinne, on the other hand, is an unknown factor. The previews would suggest that she doesn’t make the cut because no black parents or families were shown. But then again, maybe the producers didn’t show anyone from Seinne’s family to keep us all guessing. She spoke French for Arie and he is also impressed by the 27-year-old’s career in real estate and her dancing abilities. So, we’ll see.

"The Bachelor" Season 22 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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