'ANTM' Cycle 24 -- Meet the Models

Rio shades Sandra for being "the Instagram girl" who doesn't have to try: "It's like a Kim Kardashian thing."

The jealousy was palpable on Tuesday night's episode of "America's Next Top Model" after Rio let her childhood traumas get the best of her.

This week's challenge was to shoot a beauty makeup tutorial vlog using unconventional items, courtesy of YouTube sensation Patrick Starr -- and group Instagram guru Sandra won seamlessly. But Rio was desperate to win the challenge in honor of her younger sister, who was graduating high school that same day and loves Starr. Usually calm, cool and collected, Rio let the loss get to her head.

"Sandra is the Instagram girl. Sandra is the girl who belongs on YouTube. Sandra is that girl who's like social media famous," Rio said during a confessional. "It's like a Kim Kardashian thing. All shade intended. Like, how else would you feel? Constantly having to compete with Little Miss Pretty Princess."

After the challenge, the models all went out to dinner. Rio proposed a toast to her sister and began talking about how she felt losing the challenge let her family down. When Sandra tried to sympathize by saying she had yet to win best photo, Rio snapped.

"You know what, Sandra? You remind me so much of every single girl that I went to high school with that I tried so hard to compete with," Rio said. "And I had the skills and I had everything there, but somehow, they got acknowledged over me. It brings me right back to those moments."

"You don't have to do anything and people just love you," she continued. "You remind me of the most popular girl in school. You don't have to do anything! You just stand there, and everyone's like, 'Oh my God, applause! Yes, you're amazing!' I had to work my ass off. I had to change everything about myself to get where I am."

Sandra maintained her composure, calmly telling Rio, "I understand you feel that way, but I can't change that, Rio. I was born this way. Everyone's different. Everyone has their different looks. There's gonna be a guy who loves me and thinks I'm beautiful, and there's gonna be a guy who thinks I'm ugly."

Not only did the tension remain unresolved, it boiled over to the next day during photo shoot when Sandra was given one-on-one time with Ashley Graham as part of her prize for winning the challenge.

The models were paired up in threes and forced to stack their faces for a close-up beauty photo. Sandra's team consisted of Ashley and a model of her choosing. She went with Kyla, and the three knocked it out of the park.

Coura, however, was "dead in the eyes" once again, and she was sent home.

"America's Next Top Model" airs Tuesdays at 5 p.m. on VH1.

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