First Look at 'The Bachelor: Winter Games'

"People fall in love and I think that's the most important part of the whole show," former "Bachelorette" contestant tells TooFab.

Don't let the title of "Bachelor Winter Games" fool you -- it's not all just fun and games.

Eric Bigger, who was a clear fan favorite on Rachel Lindsay's season of "The Bachelorette," told TooFab ahead of the premiere Tuesday that the "Bachelor" spinoff hasn't lost sight of the franchise's central theme.

"People find love for sure," he said. "Yeah, people fall in love on winter games, for sure."

"I've never done anything like this before," Bigger told TooFab when asked why he decided to return to the franchise. "I was open to it, you know? The opportunity was there, the timing was right and I was curious. I've never done anything like it so why not go for it."

The four-episode series -- a cross between the "Bachelor in Paradise" and the Winter Olympics -- brings contestants from international versions of ABC's popular reality dating competition to live under the same roof while competing in winter sports for, what else, dates.

One contestant from Japan speaks very little English, but Bigger said the language barrier was not an issue.

"I think in particular it's all about body language, you know, eye contact, energy, honestly," Bigger said. "If you like someone and you vibe with someone, I think you can break that language barrier down and figure it out. Just think if you were in a country and needed to find somewhere to go and you couldn't speak their language, you wouldn't let that stop you. You'd figure it out. So I would say if it's meant to be it will be."

Keep reading to see what else Bigger told TooFab about the new series premiering on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Are you a snow bunny? Do you know how to compete in any of the winter sports?

I'm not really good at -- I do what I can, you know. I think for me it was more so just observing like what was going on, who was there, the energy of the situation that everyone put in and what it was all about. I didn't really have no set mindset or incentive, I just had an open mind and based on the sequence of events I would go from there.

Tell me about your experience meeting the Bachelors from other countries.

It's always good to meet different people that's not from where you're from, you have to get a perspective of how they treat love, how they treat life, and you get to see from a more intimate space and as a person, you know. I think that's what I learned a lot about going into the 'Winter Games' is that I had the opportunity to see these people for who they are, not who I think they are because we had real conversations on the show so it was a good time for me.

What do you think is the coolest aspect of the show? What can we look forward to?

The reason I would watch is because you'll be so curious about not only who won the competitions, but what were the competitions and who fell in love. I think that's the biggest part because looking from the outside in, you can't really tell who goes and who falls for one another. You have to really, really look and really watch by the fifth story. They're love stories, so I would tune in not only because the events are great and the people are great, but also because people fall in love and I think that's the most important part of the whole show. And it's funny!

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