Inside Kylie Jenner's Secret Pregnancy

The talk show host doesn't necessarily believe the rapper is a "changed man" since Stormi's birth.

Wendy Williams doesn't think Travis Scott will stick around to raise his child with Kylie Jenner, making a bold prediction that he'll be gone in a few months, if not sooner.

The talk show host brought up TMZ's report that the rapper is a "changed man" since welcoming daughter Stormi with the reality TV star during Hot Topics Tuesday morning. According to TMZ, Scott has "been on cloud nine" since the baby's arrival and the "newfound peace is helping him hone his craft" as an artist. The website also reports the new father has been by Kylie's side since they welcomed their child together and has "become way more selective" on taking gigs.

"People are saying Travis Scott, her boyfriend -- for now -- is a changed man, mmhmm" Williams explained this morning. "Well, here's my thought, don't tell the young lady: He will flee the scene by summer."

"Or before! As a matter of fact, he might be lampin' in the cut with the new girl right now watching our show, hey, how you doin'?" she continued.

Williams previously cast doubt on the duo back in January, saying she thought they had already broken up and their relationship was northing more than a "split and run."

"Like, the condom split, she took the test and was probably like, 'Oh my god, what do I do now? Travis!' He's like, 'No, I'm a rock star," she said. "You got plenty of money on your own, figure it out ... I'll pay child support from afar.'"

"Good luck Kylie," she added at the time. "And Travis, please do right by this girl!"

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