Paris Hilton Rolls Around In Lingerie In New Music Video Directed by Her Fiancé
How Can Paris Hilton Breathe When She's Always Sucking Face?

Hilton says Chris Zylka was the "perfect choice" to direct her sizzling new video.

Paris Hilton's financé definitely doesn't have a problem with her new, half-naked music video -- he directed it!

The singer debuted her "new" track "I Need You" on Valentine's Day, along with a music video directed by Chris Zylka showing her recreating the rose scene in "American Beauty" and channeling Marilyn Monroe.

"Chris is such a talented not only actor but artist, director, writer, producer. He's just amazing to work with. We do photo shoots all the time," Hilton told Billboard of their collaboration. "We're together 24/7 so we're constantly being creative together, which I love. It's amazing when you have a partner that loves to be creative and make art, so I knew he would be the perfect one to direct this music video."

"We just love always being together, and I love his work, so of course he was the perfect choice for director," she added. "Plus, I got to stare at him all day while we did the shoot. Every shot I'm smiling. I'm very happy because he's on set with me."

We're sure he enjoyed the view too, considering some of the outfits she rocks in the clip!

The song has actually been in the works from Hilton for at least eight years, as a user on Oh No They Didn't called attention to a demo version of the song from 2010.

"I actually re-recorded it again a few weeks ago because I wanted to put more into it," she told Billboard, "and I’m just so happy with how it turned out."

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