The Queens of 'RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3'

The booted queen tells TooFab she has no ru-grets when it comes to helping out her co-star.

This article contains spoilers about Thursday's new episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3" -- keep reading at your own risk!

Another week, another queen sent home for her lack of creativity, uniqueness, nerve and/or talent on "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3."

Aja's reign came to an end on Thursday after her Studio 54 drag and Andy Warhol-inspired soup can failed to impress the judges or challenge winner Bebe Zahara Benet. "Drag Race" Twitter wasn't too thrilled about the elimination, with many saying Bebe should have saved Aja, who helped Ms. Camerooooon make her winning dress.

TooFab caught up with the New York queen following her elimination, where she revealed whether she regrets helping out her co-star in a moment of need and who she would have sent packing instead.

Are you salty about Bebe eliminating you after helping her with her dress?

It kinda sucked at first but I understand that this is the nature of the competition. I don't regret helping her, and I’d help her if I had to do it again.

Bebe previously told us she loved working with some of the younger queens because they have a totally different outlook on drag. Do you think you learned anything form her?

Not really. I would love to say yes, but I did learn a lot from other older queens I have worked with in the past.

Do you wish you had told the judges she didn’t make it herself?

I obviously wish SHE would have said something, but that is the nature of the game. I don't regret not saying something - that is not my nature.

We've seen a lot of tweets supporting you and shocked about your elimination — how does that make you feel?

It makes me feel good to know that people are backing me up and think that I shouldn’t have gone home. I do agree with them, but that's 'Drag Race' for you! You never know what is going to happen and that is why it is so fun!

Who would you have eliminated this week and why?

I honestly don't know, and it would have been very hard to tell. If we were going on track record, I’d say Kennedy. If it was challenge based, then Shangela.

Who did you consider your toughest competition when you first saw all the other queens?

I had no competition.

What’s one thing from the workroom this season fans would be surprised to learn?

Me and Trixie shared a station and we were both so messy! We would constantly get confused on whose clothes are whose.

"RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3" airs Thursdays on VH1.

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