'RHOA' Fight of the Night: Porsha Reaches Her Breaking Point After Marlo Bashes Her in Barcelona
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"We can't get locked up abroad, honey," NeNe Leakes says. "I ain't been locked up in years, child."

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams reached her breaking point on Sunday's episode during what was supposed to be a nice dinner among friends in Barcelona.

When Roachgate came up in conversation, the women got into a heated debate about whether Kim Zolciak crossed the line in sending around a video daughter Brielle Biermann shot, showing roaches in NeNe Leakes' bathroom. Almost everyone agreed Kim was in the wrong, including Porsha, who said, "I feel like it was below the belt, and y'all need to have a whole other conversation." But that wasn't enough for NeNe's friend, Marlo Hampton, who proceeded to pester Porsha about her friendship with Kim.

"Are you gonna have a conversation with Kim?" Marlo kept asking Porsha, who replied, "It's not my problem."

"It's your friend, though," Marlo insisted, prompting Porsha to fire back, "I'm getting to know her, thank you. I don't need you to hold my feet to the fire for anything."

The conversation quickly went from loud to louder.

"You really need to chill. You really do," Porsha said. "You really need to eat healthier. And stop being a fake vegan!" Marlo replied.

"Girl, whatever. You're just made because I won't answer your damn question," Porsha said. "I'm pissed off and your breath stank. It smells just like that thing down there," Marlo said.

NeNe then made a comment about how she'd never go to someone's home and criticize it. Marlo agreed, telling Porsha she thought Porsha's doormat was too small but would never tell her to her face (even though she did anyway). Porsha then started to cry because her mother gave her that doormat when she bought the house.

"You weren't crying about the lie you told," Marlo said to Porsha. "Kandi? Kandi. I know what you went through."

"Every time somebody gets into an argument with Porsha, they bring me up," Kandi Burruss later told Bravo cams. "And it really bothers Porsha because she knows that she was wrong, but because she's not owning it, they're just gonna keep throwing it at her."

Marlo then accused Porsha of fake crying, and when Porsha tried to verbally retaliate -- while waving her Spanish fan in Marlo's face -- Marlo ripped the fan out of Porsha's hand, and things almost got physical.

"We can't get locked up abroad, honey," NeNe said during her confessional. "I ain't been locked up in years, child. Uh-uh, see ya! I don't look good in cuffs."

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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