'Vanderpump Rules' SURver Scuffle: Scheana Refuses to Believe Rob's Just Not That Into Her
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Something's not adding up when Rob can't say 'I love you' and Scheana says they've picked out a name for their future daughter.

Scheana Marie and Rob Valletta called it quits last October, but it seems their relationship of under a year -- which is currently being documented on "Vanderpump Rules" -- meant different things to different people.

All season long, Scheana has been head-over-heels for Rob, even refusing to believe co-star Kristen Doute when she told her that Rob was seen making out with a random hostess at a bar in West Hollywood. Rob didn't even attempt to deny the accusations when Scheana was asked about the incident shortly after on "Watch What Happens Live."

On Monday night's episode, while the group was still on vacation in Big Bear, Rob had a conversation with Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval about his relationship with Scheana.

"We've been dating for 10 years, pretty much," Rob said. "She was married for six, so we didn't hang out. I was almost married before Scheana, and she was a princess. Like, legitimately, her dad was the prince of Brunei, but at the end of it, I wasn't ready, and I had to let her go."

"Right now, her whole thing is like, 'I love you!' and she like waits for me to say it back," he continued. "I do love her as a person, and I definitely have love feelings, but that word is just something that -- you don't throw it around. I'm also waiting to make sure she is in that place where she's good because it's really easy for me to hurt people's feelings. Having a girlfriend is hard enough as it is. Why make it harder?"

Jax later told Bravo cams, "From what Scheana tells me, they say 'I love you' every day. It's not my business, it just seems like one person wants it a little bit more than the other person."

Once the group was back home, Jax told Kristen what Rob said. Kristen then went to Scheana, who denied Rob would ever say such thing.

"He didn't say that," Scheana said. "First of all, Jax is so threatened by Rob because Rob is teller than him, better looking than him, younger than him, more successful than him. And the thing is, he wants what Rob and I have. Rob and I are very much in love. Rob has a very hard time expressing that. We have had those conversations where he's like, 'You know I do,' but we just -- we don't say it. I feel it."

"I don't wanna be this dumb girl who's like in love with someone who's not in love with her," she continued. "C'mon, do you see the way he looks at me? Like, he f-ckin' adores me. We talk about having kids and getting married and we're looking at houses together and we've named our first daughter -- Madison Marie Parks-Valletta. If he's not at the point where's as in love as I am, I'm OK with that because I know he loves me."

Even Scheana's close friend, Lala Kent, thinks Scheana has a hard time accepting reality.

During an interview with Jenny McCarthy last week, Lala was asked who on the show she thinks "needs an intervention."

"I would really like to see Scheana have someone get into that mind and work through some stuff. I love her a lot, but I feel like her head is kind of in the clouds a bit," Lala said.

"I've come to find she expects people to act a certain way, like she expects people to act the way she would act, and I've been there," she added. "You're always gonna be let down if that's the way you think. I think she just needs an outsider to bring her back down to Earth. I feel like she brings a lot of 'yes' men around, and there's always a new person."

On Monday night, Rob took to Instagram to explain how he and his relationship with Scheana were portrayed on "Vanderpump Rules," and asked fans to stop "leaving mean or nasty comments."

Big Bear will always be my happy place. A lot of people are watching a TV show that was shot months ago, and TV shows are shot to create drama and intrigue. No one knows what happens behind closed doors and or when the cameras are off. But what I do know is that there are things that I never expressed on camera, but did in person. The reason I created space in our relationship was because of the world, not the person. @scheana and I have cared for and supported each other for 12 years no matter the circumstances or dynamic. Leaving mean or nasty comments needs to stop! Everyone needs to be kind and supportive, and not attacking and judgmental, because you’re simply watching a person trying to protect a relationship with another person who was, and is, extremely hesitant to be any part of the VPR world. Life can get hard enough as it is, so love each other and be kind. It makes life a lot easier.

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"Vanderpump Rules" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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