Ross Mathews Calls Out Omarosa for Being 'Mistaken' in Stephen Colbert Interview
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The "Celebrity Big Brother" runner-up calls on CBS to release "unedited footage" of conversation with Omarosa.

Omarosa's "Celebrity Big Brother" housemate Ross Mathews was just as interested in her "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" interview as the rest of us, but he has some insight the rest of us don't, and has called her out for being "mistaken" on at least one talking point.

One of the most notable comments Omarosa made on "Big Brother" was when she and Ross Mathews were talking about Donald Trump and he asked her if we were going to be OK. When she shook her head no, he retorted that he needed to hear her say we would be. "We're not going to be OK," she said instead. "We're not."

When Colbert pressed her on this conversation point, Omarosa denied that it was specifically about Trump. Instead, she said that they were discussing immigration policy, and particularly how it relates to DACA recipients and Dreamers. Colbert looked a little dubious, as that's certainly not how it looked on television, and he may have had reason to feel that way.

Mathews, who was the only other person in that conversation, isn't buy it, either. He took to Twitter to present his side, and ask CBS to set the record straight.

CBS has yet to respond to Mathews' request, and they may not, but one thing is for certain. If Mathews is remembering this correctly, then either Omarosa is innocently mistaken, or she is doing spin control for her comments in the "Big Brother" house and making some "fake news" of her own.

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