'The Bachelor' Season 22 Contestants

"You haven't been to a restaurant together?! Oh, you should definitely get married right away," Kimmel tells the new couple Tuesday night.

"Bachelor" star Arie Luyendyk Jr. and new fiancée Lauren Burnham stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday night -- and the comedian did not hold back.

"My wife was so mad at you," Kimmel said immediately. "I sat there going, 'I don't know what's going on. Am I supposed to be mad, too?'"

On Monday's "Bachelor" finale, Arie proposed to Becca, but he changed his mind and broke things off with her, only to propose to Lauren, the runner-up, on Tuesday's "After the Final Rose."

Back in January, Kimmel predicted Arie would propose to Becca, and according to Arie, that was "literally" the same week he "ran back to Lauren."

"I was in this crazy mental state," he explained. "I was just freaking out, and obviously I knew that there would be some backlash, but it's worth it. I'm so in love with her, and I'm so happy."

Arie assured Kimmel he did not give Lauren the same ring he gave to Becca, and Lauren assured him she did not date anyone in between the time Arie dumped her on national television and came crawling back.

When Kimmel asked Lauren if she ever second guessed her decision to take Arie back, she said they "had a conversation" about her hesitations, but she ultimately knew he was the one. Her family was just as on board.

Perhaps the most bizarre moment of the entire interview, though, was when Arie said he told Becca he was having "a tough time with this" and asked if he could reach out to Lauren.

"And Becca didn't flip out at that moment?!" Kimmel asked.

Arie gave a long-winded response about how it didn't feel "natural" to him to go through a big breakup followed so closely by a big proposal.

"Well then why, after feeling like that was a mistake to have done that -- which obviously if was a mistake -- did you turn around and get engaged tonight?" Kimmel asked. "What rush are you in?"

Arie said that he and Lauren had been together for "the last few months," which he specified was around "two? two-and-half months?"

"That's not a few!" Kimmel said. "Three is a few! Two is a couple!"

"When he goes to a restaurant," Kimmel then asked Lauren, "does he say, 'I'll have the halibut,' and then five minutes later, he's like, 'Hey, hey I wanna change it to the chicken!'"

"We haven't been to one yet," Lauren replied.

"You haven't been to a restaurant together?! Oh, you should definitely get married right away," Kimmel said.

Despite the comedian's advice to "slow down," Arie and Lauren said they've already started planning their wedding and that she's planning on moving into his Arizona apartment very soon.

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