Surprising Celebrity Couples

The stars of the E! show make their dream "Arrangements" for their cast mates.

On "The Arrangement," aspiring actress Megan (Christine Evangelista) nabbed the role of a lifetime when she agreed to marry film star Kyle West (Josh Henderson). The contract led the two down a twisted road of love and betrayal, however, as his involvement with the cultish Institute of the Higher Mind seriously rocked the boat.

While it remains to be seen whether the two can make it work in Season 2 -- premiering March 11 on E! -- TooFab recently caught up with Evangelista, co-stars Michael Vartan and Lexa Doig and series creator Jonathan Abrahams on set, where they revealed how they'd play matchmaker with each other if given the chance.

"I'd say a nice, fairly young, but legal, sweet midwestern blonde girl," Doig said when asked the type of woman she'd set Henderson up with. Though Doig kept it general, Evangelista had someone specific in mind: Elizabeth Olsen.

When it came time to make an arrangement for Vartan, Doig joked she "wouldn't do that to a woman ... that's so mean!" Evangelista suggested Jane Fonda, who Abrahams was quick to point out played the actor's own mother in the J.Lo comedy "Monster-In-Law."

Watch the video above to see why Doig was left asking how much money Jason Statham pulls in, and how Donald Trump's sons -- Donald Jr. and Eric - - fit into the conversation!

"The Arrangement" returns for Season 2 on Sunday, March 11 at 9 p.m. ET on E!

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