Ellen DeGeneres Spoofs 'Stranger Things' With 'Normal-er Things'
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Ellen hopes to find a buyer after debuting the sizzle reel for her new show idea on Friday.

To hype up fans for "Stranger Things" Season 3, Ellen DeGeneres aimed to underwhelm viewers as much as possible with "Normal-er Things."

The premise was so unoriginal that it was kind of original, and Ellen needed to make sure her viewers understood how groundbreaking her "Stranger Things" spin-off was.

"No one has seen this yet," Ellen said. "This is just my idea. No one else has it."

Cue the Don LaFontaine voice that introduced all movie trailers pre-2008: "From the mind of Ellen DeGeneres comes a show where things seem strange but everything's perfectly normal."

"Where's Will?!" said one kid who looked a lot like Lucas from the Netflix hit. "I'm right over here," the not-so-missing friend replies.

"It's one normal thing after another and nothing goes unexplained," according to the narrator, who also stressed "Normal-er Things" is still up for sale.

"So someone call me. Anyone, call me and I'll talk about it," Ellen said after. "Because we haven't sold it."

Maybe Crackle will jump on it.

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