'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 24: Meet the Models

As Paper Magazine's creative director, Drew has a lot to lose -- and he loses it on a contestant over her negative attitude.

It was go-see week on "America's Next Top Model," and we got to see Drew Elliott lecture a diva contestant in the process.

After Law Roach helped prep the six remaining girls for go-sees, they were divided into two groups and sent to woo three different designers in the hope of booking a real-life runway show. Each designer had only one spot to spare, and each girl had the opportunity to book not one, but all three shows.

After meeting the designers and strutting their stuff, Rio booked the show for KUNST.NYC and the show for Band of Gypsies. Kyla booked the show for Maggie Barry.

The girls were then swooped away by Elliott -- the creative director for Paper Magazine -- and transformed for their respective photo shoots. The catch: Only the winner of "ANTM" Cycle 24 will have her photo published on the magazine's cover.

Kyla was made into a cyber-sexy beauty, but as Tyra Banks told her during panel, "Your features wear you." Khrystyana channeled dark, slick, androgyny in her photo -- and she nailed it. Jeana's bald beauty was accentuated in a "Black Swan"-esque shoot. Erin went back in time to a 1990s hip-hop music video that only Tyra liked. And Rio transformed into a wide-eyed 1950s dream girl.

Shanice's ensemble was supposed to be red-carpet ready, but the look fell flat, so Drew changed it up. He gave her a new outfit, new hair and a new era to channel -- which, according to Shanice, was "1970s hooker." Drew loved Shanice's new look, but he hated her attitude and told cameras that "she should be nervous."

Fast-forward to panel. Shanice's shot actually came out great, but Drew was still not over her negative attitude on set.

"I think from start to finish, this was the most disappointing experience," Drew told Shanice during panel. "You arrived, and you weren't happy with the hair and makeup. You were giving the hair guy shit. You were busy, busy, busy with everything but being the model, and it really ticked me off. And if you ever tell a hair stylist, 'My hair's actually up here -- you've done this wrong,' you can walk yourself off the set."

In the end, though, Erin -- the oldest-ever "America’s Next Top Model" hopeful -- ended up going home.

"America's Next Top Model" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on VH1.

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