Teddi Mellencamp Compares Erika Girardi to 'Mean Girl' Regina George After 'RHOBH' Blowout
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The newest "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star unloads on her co-star after Tuesday's explosive episode.

Break out the Burn Book, because Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave says there's a "Mean Girl" in the cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Following Tuesday night's episode, the newest housewife posted a blog taking aim at co-star Erika Girardi, who exploded on her during what ended up being a pretty brutal cocktail hour.

Mellencamp found herself being pounced on by both Girardi and Dorit Kemsley during the group gathering, as she was accused of trying to stir up drama between the latter and Lisa Rinna. Erika sided with Dorit and unleashed some rage on Teddi when she accused Girardi of "pretending" to have amnesia about her own words.

"Erika thinks this is a perfect time to ask me how I am feeling in this friend group -- it's like a cat pouncing on a fly after it’s been smacked around and can’t get off the ground anymore," wrote Teddi.

"Look, I wasn't raised to speak to people that way and so I was kinda shocked by her unnecessary anger. Even if I don't like someone, I will treat them with respect and can be cordial," she continued. "I just feel like she's just been waiting for the moment since we first met. She snapped at me in Vegas, she snapped at me at the beach house, she even corrected me when I called her a singer -- something we've seen others call her to no effect. She's done being nice to me? I must have missed when she started."

Teddi also brought up Erika and Dorit shading her job as an accountability coach. "Thing is, they couldn't be my clients, because I only accept women who are able and willing to look at themselves truthfully," Mellencamp said. "I assume the issue with this/me is that I'm holding up a mirror to the truth and it irritates them."

As for Erika calling Teddi a "crybaby" in one of the confessionals, Mellencamp defended her tears after Girardi's verbal onslaught. "Sure, I'm a woman with emotions, and I cried. It's allowed. It's natural. What's not natural is for you to stop another woman from trying to comfort somebody who's obviously upset," she wrote.

Then, referencing Rachel McAdams' Regina George character in "Mean Girls," Teddi added: "But all bow to Regina Jayne. I won't be sitting at that table. I prefer genuine people and feelings over ice and diamonds."

FYI: None of this seemed to faze Erika, who tweeted out Teddi's blog with the caption, "Pure comedy."

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