The Queens of 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3'

Winner Trixie Mattel and finalists Kennedy Davenport, BeBe Zahara Benet and Shangela talk to TooFab about the shocking season finale.

Trixie Mattel came out with the crown after Thursday's season finale of "RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3," and now, the queens are all spilling the tea.

In a surprise twist, the eliminated queens of the season decided which of the Top 4 -- which included Trixie, Kennedy Davenport, BeBe Zahara Benet and Shangela -- would lip sync for their legacy. It was a weighted vote, with two points going to each queen's first choice and one point going to their second. Despite having one of the strongest track records on the show, Shangela managed to only get one point, thanks to Thorgy Thor.

Trixie went head to head against dancer extraordinaire Kennedy for the final lip sync to Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball," with Mattel going home with the gold.

The final 4 all took some time to speak with TooFab after the finale aired, revealing who they would have voted for for the Top 2 and what they'd change about the show going forward. Keep reading to see why Shangela believes she only got one vote and which of them wants to return as a judge!

Who would you have put in the Top 2 and why?

BeBe: I feel like at this point, that doesn’t matter. We have a winner, and we should take the time to celebrate the new crowned queen and allow her to have her moment.

Kennedy: I would have put Shangela in there. Even more so because her track record was great.

Shangela: If I was to choose, I would definitely have chosen myself. I did really well in the competition and had the strongest track-record so I definitely think I should have been there. For the second person, I love all three of the girls and would have been happy to have any of them up there. Any of them could have been in the top two, but I should have definitely have been there!

Trixie: I would’ve picked me and Shangela which I talked about in the episode.

Seeing who all the girls voted for, whose vote were you most surprised by and why?

Kennedy: I wasn’t surprised by anybody’s vote. If anybody it would have been Milk, but we made up and got to a great point where we were able to understand each other and communicate.

Shangela: For Thorgy, honestly, when she left we were on fairly good terms. I was a little shocked to see that, one, she voted for me, and two, that she was my only vote.

Trixie: Oh my god. I think Thorgy giving a vote to Shangela most surprised me. She voted for who she thought was the best performer and I think that’s a testament to the person and performer Thorgy is.

For Shangela, why do you think you only got one vote?

Shangela: I think that the girls were all fired up, and the ones I sent home were definitely not happy because they felt that they deserved to be in that spot too. Emotions were running high and I think that played a huge role in it with the girls too.

How do you think Ben’s self-elimination affects how fans view the outcome overall?

Kennedy: The outcome would have definitely been different. I don’t really look at it from a fan standpoint so I don’t really know.

Shangela: Well, I think that Ben’s fans were especially disappointed. Ben had her own decisions for leaving and I respect that. The fans come along this journey with us, and they root for a player the same way sports fans do. If they see you quit, they feel like a piece of them quit. They want to see you push through, and they want to see you overcome the challenges. Or at least try.

BeBe: Personally, you would have to ask the fans. In my own opinion, whether she stayed or not, it’s a competition. One day you could be at the top and another day at the bottom. You’ll never know unless you stay in the present.

What do you think was the shadiest moment of the season?

BeBe: I, personally, don’t think this season had any shady moments and am grateful for the opportunity to compete on this season.

Shangela: Well you know what, I would leave that one up to the fans! Everyone’s going to have their own opinion on shady moments and what one they think is the shadiest. What was intended shade was the reading challenge, and that was fun shade! I thought that was so much fun!

What's one change the show could benefit from going forward?

Shangela: Haha, let’s see… A change that the show could benefit from… Every season changes and improves. Look at Season 10’s updated workroom. Guest judges change each season. I don’t have anything I’d change other than for them to put me at the judges table! I deserve a spot, make me seat number five!

Bebe: It might be good to have certain rules and regulations. In All Stars, switching to "Survivor" or "Big Brother"-style eliminations almost discounted other people’s wins. Not choosing one of the other kind of discounts the work that us artists do. We want our work to be celebrated and rewarded because we’ve done our best job, and when that doesn’t happen, it’s disappointing.

RuPaul's Drag Race will return for Season 10 starting next Thursday on VH1.

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