Giada De Laurentiis Reacts to Nicole Kidman's Shady Comments About Her Cooking on 'Ellen' and Gets Redemption
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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According to Ellen, Kidman's been banned from future cooking segments.

Giada De Laurentiis made her triumphant return to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week, seeking some form of redemption after Nicole Kidman totally dissed her food on national television.

ICYMI: The Food Network star and the actress appeared on Ellen's show back in May 2017, where they prepared rice balls and pizzas together during a cooking segment. First, it appeared Kidman wasn't feeling any of De Laurentiis' "ball" jokes. Then, after preparing their own pizzas, they took a bite out of some that had already been baked -- and things really went off the rails. "It's a little tough," Nicole shadily remarked, as Ellen broke down laughing.

"Last time you were here we had a few hiccups. It was Nicole Kidman's fault, right?" DeGeneres said on Monday's show.

"She's not here, right?" asked De Laurentiis, adding, "I know you surprise people coming out of things." Ellen's response: "No, we won't have her back again!"

As a clip of their previous appearance replayed, an embarrassed Giada remarked, "Do we have to relive this moment? You almost choked!"

"The thing is, they were sitting out too long, I think someone made them way earlier in the day," Ellen said, explaining what went wrong. "Maybe like 5 hours early," said Giada, who made sure to keep checking the pizzas they'd eat on her followup appearance to avoid the same mishap. She also started her cooking lesson with an alcoholic beverage, joking, "I figured if we got you drunk enough, you wouldn't know the difference."

The lesson ended with Giada and the host making a different kind of pizza, with Giada getting one last little quip in by adding, "I wish Nicole were here, she would like them. And they're hot. They're HOT!"

Watch the original appearance below, because it's simply amazing.

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