'Black Panther' Cast Steps Out To 'Welcome To Wakanda' NYFW Showcase

"They stole my idea and I want my money," the star of new TBS comedy series "The Last O.G." tells Jimmy Fallon.

Tracy Morgan thinks Marvel owes him some money.

The star of new TBS series "The Last O.G." told Jimmy Fallon on Monday night that "Black Panther" ripped off his superhero, Black Bobcat.

"They stole the idea from me ... I wrote the Black Bobcat, man," the actor said on "The Tonight Show" as he pulled out a cardboard cutout of Black Bobcat (which was just Morgan's head on Batman). "They stole my idea and I want my money."

"He loves to pounce, drinks a hell of a lot of milk, he can hear really good and he sleeps 20 hours a day," Morgan said of his character's superpowers. "He can hear things on porno you can't hear."

However, Bob Bobcat only fights crime in the suburbs, "You want him to fight crime and get hurt?" Morgan exclaimed. "He only fights crime in the suburbs. He don’t fight in Brooklyn."

The comedian was at the "The Tonight Show" to promote to his new TBS show "The Last O.G.," co-starring Tiffany Haddish.

Fallon explained that he needed some clarification on what it means to be an O.G. "The baddest OG in the galaxy was Ben Kenobi," Morgan replied. "An O.G. is an old-timer, got a lot of wisdom and understanding and he blessing you with it ‘cause he sees you’re worthy of it, that’s an O.G."

"Like Lorne Michaels is my O.G., he's your O.G.," Morgan explain to Fallon, referencing "Saturday Night Live" creator, who essentially jump started both of their careers.

"The Last O.G." airs Tuesday night on TBS.

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