Tristan Thompson's Instagram Comments Flooded with Savage 'I Hope...' Comments
Everyone In Hollywood Who's Spoken Out on Khloe Kardashian-Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

"I hope Kris Jenner has a plan for you," writes one follower.

Fans are flooding Tristan Thompson's Instagram comments with their hopes for his future ... and it's looking pretty bleak.

Ever since videos showing the NBA player stepping out on his brand new baby mama Khloe Kardashian dropped online earlier this week, people have been going crazy on social media to express their anger and frustration through tweets, memes, and now, absolutely savage Instagram comments.

After Thompson posted the photo above Instagram on Wednesday -- after the first videos were released -- a new meme was born, after Khloe's supporters started spamming the photo's comments.

Quickly, brutal messages all beginning with the phrase "I Hope ..." took off, with followers wishing everything on Thompson from a vasectomy to a life spent constantly stepping on Legos.

We collected the ones that made us LOL the most below:

  • I hope u stub ur toe on every couch.
  • I hope you miss a belt loop next time you put one on.
  • I hope every time u drive using the navigator you miss your turn.
  • I hope when ur back itchy, u can't reach it.
  • I hope when you eat pizza the hot cheese hits your chin. Every single time.
  • I hope you step on a Lego.
  • I hope every time you go out to dinner and the waiter walks by, it’s with someone else’s food.
  • I hope your barber sneezes every time he does your shape up.
  • I hope the worst day of your past is the best day of your future.
  • I hope when you order a meal at McDees they give you one sauce only.
  • I hope every time you eat a chocolate chip cookie, it’s actually raisin.
  • In all realness — I hope you get a vasectomy.
  • I hope the next time you got to Chipotle they charge you extra for you guac but forget to put it on your burrito.
  • I hope your iPhone chargers keep breaking.
  • I hope your pillow is never cold on the other side.
  • I hope when you try to make a sandwich only the ends are left.
  • I hope everyone gets the old Snap back except you.
  • I hope Kris Jenner has a plan for you.
  • I hope you're stuck behind a slow walker forever.
  • I hope when you fly commercial, there's only a middle seat left.
  • I hope every time you go to Olive Garden they're out of breadsticks.
  • I hope Blac Chyna hits you with a stroller.
  • I hope people start calling you by your real name: Third Trimester Thompson.
  • I hope every bag of chips you buy is all air and no chips.
  • I hope you get an eyelash in your eye and can never get it out.
  • I hope you're on the verge of sneezing for the rest of your life.
  • I hope your coffee is cold, your eggs rotten, your bacon burnt, and your days lonely.
  • I hope you every couple of days you get a paper cut between your thumb and finger, and that you always forget about it, and you put hand sanitizer directly on it.
  • I hope you have 10,000 spoons, when all you need is a knife.
  • I hope every time you write "how is your day?" auto correction changes it to "how is your dad?"
  • I hope you don't use, "we were on a break," as an excuse for what you did.
  • I hope you get the hiccups for the rest of your life.
  • I hope every time you ask for sauce at Taco Bell they only give you one packet.
  • I hope every time u try to butter bread you can only find cold butter so it doesn’t spread and rips the whole slice into pieces.
  • I hope every time you're in the club you miss the beat drop.
  • I hope you always put your fitted sheet on wrong when you make your bed and have to start to over, and you turn it but it still is wrong.
  • I hope every time you try to get into bed you hit your shins on the metal frame.
  • I hope you ran out of cornflakes when you have already poured milk in the bowl.
  • I hope every time you get a call you can't get your headphones untangled in time to pick it up.
  • I hope everytime you go in the shower, you forget to bring a towel.
  • I hope every time u do a wing liner it's always uneven.
  • I hope you always shake hands with people who have moist hands.
  • I hope there's never extra fries at the bottom of your bag.
  • I hope every time you make an egg over easy it breaks in the pan and you have to eat it scrambled.
  • I hope every time u go to a vending machine ur snack gets stuck.
  • I hope every time you order a pizza your waiter puts pineapples on it

Feel free to chime in with your own suggestions below!

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