Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Flawlessly Performs His 'Moana' Rap on 'The Graham Norton Show'
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Johnson proved he's still Maiu at heart.

Dwayne Johnson truly rocks. A wrestler, action star ... and rapper?!

The actor proved the latter to be true when he stopped by "The Graham Norton Show Friday night to promote his new film "Rampage." During his visit, he showed that he still knows his character Maui's rap from "Moana" by heart, even though the film came two years ago. Johnson stays in practice, because as he told Norton, children are always requesting he sing it for them.

"All the time, like it's constant, it's always constant," the "Fast and Furious" star explained. "'Sing your song! Sing your song!' And I do it and then they cheer."

"He has a great voice," "Rampage" co-star Naomi Harris said on the show, prodding the audience to cheer. "You should sing for them."

After much encouragement from the crowd, Johnson finally relented. "This is what kids love," he said.

See what his young fans go wild for below. "Rampage" is in theaters now.

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