'Life of the Party' Star Molly Gordon Dishes on Filming With Christina Aguilera: 'I Was Like Peeing in My Pants'
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Molly Gordon teases the singer's cameo in the film and spills on working with Melissa McCarthy.

Working on "Life of the Party" was a wealth of riches for star Molly Gordon, who not only got a master class in comedy from Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph, but also got down with Christina Aguilera herself when the singer stopped by set.

Though we'll keep the details around her appearance in the film a secret, the "Dirrty" singer confirmed she makes a cameo in the movie while appearing on "The Late Late Show" last month. For Gordon, learning she'd be sharing the screen with X-Tina was a true shocker.

"I gasped. I was so excited and then we just played her in the makeup trailer for the next like three weeks, so we could be fully memorized for when she came," Gordon told TooFab. "But all of those scenes, I was like peeing in my pants, I was so excited. And she was nothing but lovely. Just so lovely. So that was awesome. She is so good and like, she just did a 'Carpool Karaoke' with James Corden. And she sounds so -- like her voice is still unbelievable. She's amazing."

When asked what surprised her most about Aguilera, Gordon said, "She's much shorter than I thought she was in person. But she's just so lovely and nice and such an open person and really wanted to talk to all of us and get to know us and just really easy going. And it was a night, she came at like two in the morning and was just so game and she just, yeah, really exceeded my expectations."

In the movie, Gordon plays daughter to McCarthy's Deanna, who re-enrolls in college alongside her kid after her husband asks for a divorce. Playing a mother-daughter duo meant a lot of time for Gordon alongside McCarthy, who kept cracking her up.

"It was so hard. I definitely ruined like half of the movie," she admitted. "It was very, very, very hard. But she's just amazing. She is such an incredible improviser. I feel like I learned so much from her, but she's also such a giving scene partner and she's such a good listener and she tees you up in such a beautiful way, so it was amazing getting to improvise off of her and work with her. But I -- oh definitely, like, there's like one scene I was sure that I had messed up and it's not in the film."

Keep reading to see what Gordon spilled about filming an epic '80s danceoff for the movie and what fans can expect from the upcoming third season of TNT's "Animal Kingdom."

How was it going from a show like "Animal Kingdom" where you're surrounded by all these guys all the time to this, a project that's much more female-centric?

It's very different. Very, very, very different. I feel really lucky because I think it's hard sometimes to be able to do comedy and drama, so I feel like I have two polarizing, very different experiences. I'm lucky that all the guys on "Animal Kingdom" are so lovely and kind and super goofy too. So it didn't feel like the biggest change, but it's always been my ... I'm such a comedy nerd and a Groundlings nerd, "SNL" nerd. So I always have wanted to do a big comedy like this and getting to work with Melissa was like a absolute dream so this was like a beautiful transition into this.

One of these scenes we cracked up watching was the '80s party dance-off between Melissa and the "mean girls." Can you talk a little about just being in the room while they filmed?

Those few days that we shot that were so -- it felt like, that was not a job. Like I couldn't believe that I got to just go to work and get made up to look like that and then get to dance with everybody. And Melissa is such an amazing dancer. I think all of us were really impressed and Debbie [Ryan] was so funny and she's also such a great dancer. It was so much fun. It felt like an actual dance party and we all looked so glamorous and ridiculous so that was very fun and funny.

Did you go to college or was this kind of your college experience?

No I didn't go to college. This is definitely -- this really felt like my college experience because I was surrounded by so many people my age and we would all hang out on the weekends and it was my first time being like fully away with a job. So it totally felt like a college experience and then I learned so much from everybody. I feel like I got a comedy college experience and getting to work with Melissa and then Maya Rudolph, like my dream to work with them. So I learned so much.

Do you see yourself doing more comedy like this going forward?

I would love to. Yeah, this has definitely spoiled me for other experiences because everyone was so wonderful and made me want -- I would want to do this for the rest of my life. So it was very dreamy.

Congrats on "Our Cartoon President" also getting the summer pick-up. What's been the most interesting part of that for you, voicing Sarah Huckabee Sanders? It's got to be a trip.

It's been so much fun. I've always wanted to do a voiceover and this is like the absolute dream. It has been really fun. She's such a awesome person to get to voice and it's just been great. I think the show is so smart. Everyone involved is just so great. And she's like a strong ass woman and it's really cool to like play her. It's cool to play her and I think the show is really smart.

You also have "Animal Kingdom" Season 3 coming up. What are you allowed to tease about your character?

It's just gonna get darker and darker and darker for her. She is just a sad girl that will find her way in life , but she's gonna have to go through a lot to get there. And it's been really great playing her and going on that journey with her. But no, it's definitely not pretty this year.

What's one thing fans would be surprised to learn about any of your male co-stars?

So Ben [Robson], who plays Craig, he's like a gentle giant. He's tallest, biggest person -- he's like a bear. But he is the nicest, sweetest, like joyful person. And then Finn [Cole] plays the guitar and like sings on set, so that's lovely.

"Life of the Party" hits theaters Friday, May 11.

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