'Jersey Shore' Tea-Shirt Time: JWoww Lectures Ronnie on Love, Fatherhood and 'Hoes' After Baby Mama's Awkward Visit
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A very pregnant Jen Harley manages to thoroughly piss off Mike with "The Incarceration" joke on Thursday's explosive "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation."

The "Jersey Shore" crew had their first visitor of the "Family Vacation" season on Thursday -- and it just so happened to be Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's then-pregnant girlfriend, Jen Harley.

What could go wrong?

Very quiet and very pregnant, Jen made her rounds of hellos and sat down for a very awkward family dinner. The tension was palpable given Ronnie's inappropriate rendezvous with the French girl from the club, but everyone tried to remain calm, cool and collected -- until Jen jokingly called Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino The Incarceration.

Mike was livid. He knew Jen must've heard the joke from Ronnie, so he looked at Ronnie and said, "Pass the French fries," which was an obvious ode to Ron's one-night fling. Jen didn't seem to get it, though. In fact, Vinny Guadagnino predicted Mike would get his real revenge after Jen left.

But the situation must've still triggered The Situation because Mike later opened up to Pauly D about how he was busted by the feds. (Mike is currently awaiting sentencing for tax evasion, which he plead guilty to in January of this year.)

"I'm taking offense to Ronnie's baby moms thinking that she can take a dig at me the first minute she's in the house, brotha," Mike said to Pauly. "That's coming from a place of ignorance, not knowing exactly what I'm going through, but at the same time, I don't think she would say that if it's not coming from Ronnie's mouth."

"I never told you, man, what happened when the feds got me," he continued. "I was in the airport going to Spain, and all of a sudden, the feds rolled up. Served me right at the airport. I got indicted, they took my passport, I have to check in with a probation officer once a week, drug text every 10 days... If I explain that to Ronnie, he'd be like, 'Ah, so what? You have to call somebody once a week? You gotta do a drug test every 10 days? So the f-ck what? I'm from the Bronx, man. I sleep with my f-cking jeans on.' That motherf-cker won't understand."

Jen's stay was short and sweet. At one point, she asked the girls if Ronnie had been behaving. They nearly choked on their saliva, but ultimately, no one spilled. Ronnie never ended up telling her exactly what went down with the blonde chick; the closest he came was when she asked if the jacuzzi had been used and he said yes. That was about the extent of it, and no one was angrier with Ron than Jenni "JWoww" Farley.

"It's hard being with someone for 7 months straight every f-cking day and living that routine, and then being pulled to here," Ronnie said. "Actually, [Jen] being here made me realize I love her 'cause she's so much fun."

"If you love her then why wouldn't you just be with her?" Jenni asked, to which Ron replied, "Why would I be with somebody when I have so much temptation?"

"I stayed with Roger during a couple houses, and I didn't have kids," Jenni said.

"Roger's not me," Ronnie replied.

"I'm you!" Jenni fired back. "I could be a big ho, too, motherf-cker, but I choose not to be 'cause I found someone I love! Like, come on. Own your f-cking shit, bro. You can be Ron, the good guy with the really good girl, and you can put her on a pedestal in this house and outside this house. Basically, what I'm getting from you is she's not the one, but she's the one right now 'cause she has your kid."

"I'm having a kid with somebody that I barely know, OK? So I can't say who the one is," Ron said, adding that he told Jen "everything" except for what happened in the bathroom because he's "afraid of her being embarrassed because of bullshit."

"She's already gonna be embarrassed!" Jenni fired back. "She's gonna be more embarrassed at the fact that you're doing the same thing you did last Miami -- not telling someone and dragging it out! Put that shit to bed!"

"I didn't do anything, that's the thing," Ronnie said. Jenni lost it.

"Nobody knows that, Ron!" she yelled. "I'm trying to save you! I'm trying to be a good friend right now to you! Be a good guy here. F-cking hoes isn't what this is about; it's about f-cking family. Be the person that loves Jen, can't wait for your baby girl. F-ck all these bitches! Say, 'F-ck you. I got a great woman at home.'"

"I have a daughter," Jenni continued. "She's 3 years old. I will make sure every f-cking guy in her life puts her so f-cking above that no man is worth her time. And that's gonna be you in 3 months when your f-cking daughter is here. You will not want what you are in her life, so become the man that your daughter aspires to have."

"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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