Late-Night Stars Very Skeptical Trump Deserves Nobel Peace Prize for Bringing Home North Korean Prisoners
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"If he won a Nobel, his speech would be the first in history with an NC-17 rating," Seth Meyers jokes.

The United States welcomed home three Americans held prisoner in North Korea early Thursday morning, prompting some Republicans and the president of South Korea to declare Donald Trump worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, which of course prompted late-night comedians to vehemently disagree.

Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel all giggled at such a proposal in their own unique way, considering the president's violent and discriminatory rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Of course, they also took plenty of shots at President Trump for welcoming home the former prisoners at Joint Base Andrews by, once again, bringing up television ratings and praising the man who imprisoned them in the first place.

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

"Please, please don't give me to that man," an animated peace prize said in the late-night program's cold open. "This guy will use me for hush money to pay off a porn star. Or worse, he'll eat me! He thinks I'm chocolate inside."

Colbert didn't ding Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize comment in his monologue, but he did rail on the president for literally praising Kim Jong-un for "excellent" treatment of the three men North Korea was holding prisoner.

"No, he wasn't. He wasn't 'excellent' to them. And you know the hint that he wasn't? They look happy to be with you. That's how low the bar is," Colbert said, then joked, "You don't negotiate the release of people from an 'excellent' situation. 'Don't worry, we're sending in SEAL Team 6 to extract you from that all-inclusive beach vacation.'"

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"

The NBC host took on the subject in his regular "Closer Look" segment, which kicked off with mocking Trump for saying, "The prize I want is victory for the world."

"Victory for the world? He doesn't sound like a Nobel laureate, he sounds like a movie president fighting an alien invasion," Meyers joked, before comparing Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani to said a "space bug."

"And again, diplomacy with North Korea is good, but this is still the same guy who wanted to ban Muslims, called Mexicans rapists, said we should kill the families of terrorists, and said he wanted fewer immigrants from Africa and Haiti," Meyers reminded his viewers. "If he won a Nobel, his speech would be the first in history with an NC-17 rating."

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

After taking shots at Trump for bragging about giving TV news stations their best ratings ever at 3 a.m. on Thursday while welcoming home the former North Korea prisoners, Kimmel imagined what a Nobel ceremony would look like with Trump as a nominee.

While the other worthy candidates had emotionally compelling videos touting their humanitarian accomplishments, Trump's video was a montage of him encouraging violence and insulting people.

"Congratulations to all the nominees. God has forsaken us," the fake Nobel Prize presenter said in the sketch.

Like Colbert, Kimmel was very amused by Trump actually thanking Kim Jong-un for releasing the three men the North Korean dictator had previously kidnapped.

"He actually thanked Kim Jong-un for releasing the men, and for treating them well," Kimmel said. "Right. Outside the whole kidnapping them and holding them against their will for nothing thing, he was very hospitable, he really was."

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