Diane Keaton Kisses Jimmy Kimmel and Spoils Ending of Her New Rom-Com 'Book Club' in the Process

If you want to be on the edge of your seat while watching Diane Keaton try to score with Andy Garcia in "Book Club," click away now!

Spoiler alert! Diane Keaton gets the guy at the end of her new rom-com "Book Club," and she even demonstrated exactly how the climactic moment goes down while appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday.

Kimmel got a surprise kiss from his guest after he noted her co-star Andy Garcia "is a very dashing man," which apparently got Keaton in the mood.

"Do you want to see what happens with me and Andy in the movie?" she asked the ABC late-night host, then directed him to stand for the scene, explained it's subversive because she's the one who makes the move on her man, then planted her lips firmly on Kimmel's.

"A dream has come true for Jimmy Kimmel here," the comedian said. "Why can't I be Andy Garcia?"

Keaton, who has a history of being a little wacky in the middle of TV interviews, then said Garcia is fun to act with because he's "loose," but Kimmel, not so much. "Unlike you, you were stiff."

Wait, was that a boner joke?

Maybe our mind is just in the gutter because we watched the trailer for "Book Club" -- one of the 17 summer movies we're legitimately pumped to see -- which teases a big boner joke.

This is the latest talk show appearance of the sexual nature for Keaton. This past February she told Ellen DeGeneres her sex life is non existent (which is kinda what "Book Club" is about) then imagined getting it on with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Back in 2015, she told Ellen she was a member of the mile-high club, which came a year after talking about tantric sex on the daytime talk show.

Then there was that super awkward 2012 "Colbert Report" interview when she called Stephen Colbert a "sexual pervert" and joked (?) she was going to "bring him up on charges" after a backstage hug was a little too tight. This came after she asked Colbert if he was running for president, only to say she would never consider voting for him.

We're already looking forward to Keaton's next press stop.

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