Miles Teller Joins Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun' Sequel
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Teller will play the son of Goose.

Miles Teller is ready to join Tom Cruise on the highway to the danger zone.

According to Variety, Teller has been cast as Goose's son in "Top Gun: Maverick," the sequel to the 1986 classic. In the original film, Goose (played by Anthony Edwards) was Maverick's co-pilot before tragically dying.

The sequel, which is set to hit theaters the summer of 2019, will be set "in a world of drone technology and fifth generation fighters and will explore the end of the era of dogfighting." Teller will be playing Maverick's protege, and as already announced, Val Kilmer will be reprising his role as Tom "Iceman" Kazansky.

"Top Gun: Maverick" will be directed by Joe Kosinksi and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer -- who also produced the original film. Cruise and Skydance CEO David Ellison will also be producing the action flick.

"Set It Up" star Glen Powell and "Max Max: Fury Road" star Nicholas Hoult reportedly tested with Cruise for the role, as well. Powell's reaction to the casting news was priceless.

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