Jimmy Kimmel Laughs Off President Trump's 'Lie' About Him: 'That Never Happened'
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"I didn't even go to his dressing room to say hello before the show," Kimmel says while responding to President Trump's claims that the comedian fawned over him.

Jimmy Kimmel has called out President Donald Trump for telling thousands of lies in the past -- but this time it was personal.

The ABC late-night comedian used his monologue Monday to deny a bizarre story Trump told his fans at a rally last month, alleging Kimmel excitedly greeted him outside his studio when the former "Apprentice" host visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live" before the 2016 election.

"Even the people who like the president know he makes things up, but still it's weird to hear him tell a lie that is specifically about you," Kimmel told his audience after playing the first portion of Trump's story.

"Jimmy Kimmel would meet me before the election. I'm telling you a true story," Trump said at a South Carolina rally last month. "I don't even think he'd deny it. No talent, but I go to his studio to do a shot, to do a thing. He would stand outside on the sidewalk waiting for me -- 'Oh, here he comes. Donald Trump.' He opens my door. I said, 'Does he do this to everybody? To his people?' 'He does it for nobody.'"

"Right!" Kimmel said with a laugh. "Including you, I do it for nobody. That never happened!"

But Trump wasn't done.

"But he’s waitng for me, two or three times I did his show before this -- now I wouldn’t do his show, guy’s terrible -- but I do his show and he’s standing out on Hollywood —- whatever -— Boulevard," Trump said. "And he's standing there, opening up the door, like going crazy. 'Oh, hello!' I wasn’t president. I was, like, a guy. A guy with potential."

Kimmel immediately cracked, "A guy with potential to ruin everything that is good in the world."

Trump made the remarks at the same rally he blasted other late-night comedians Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. While they hilariously united with Conan O'Brien to react on "The Late Show" in June, Kimmel was too deep in the Montana wilderness on vacation to even find out what Trump said.

"A couple days into the trip, the guy who had the phone gets a text from my wife, and I was worried," Kimmel explained. "The text said Donald Trump just attacked you at a rally. And then I said, 'Well, what did he say?' But the guy with the satellite phone lost the phone -- he left the phone on one of our camp sites, so that was all I knew is that I was attacked."

Kimmel emphatically denied Trump's story, which wasn't even clear to begin with.

"For the record, not only was I not on the sidewalk waiting for him, opening the door to his car, I didn't even go to his dressing room to say hello before the show," Kimmel continued. "I never do. In 15 years, I've probably done it seven times. I like to greet the guest on stage. I feel dumb saying hello to them and then saying hello to them again 10 minutes later."

He even sent a camera to the street to give his viewers a picture of what Hollywood Blvd. looks like directly outside the studio, and it's busy, full of tourists and street performers ready to swarm a famous face.

"Our guests don't even come in this way through the front door, they come in the back through the alley," Kimmel said. "But look at what's going on out there. You think the secret service would let the Republican nominee for president come in this way?"

Kimmel then got his revenge by telling his own ridiculous, fictitious story about Trump visiting in 2007. Watch the video above to hear it for yourself.

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