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Dear America, Africa is not a country.

Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew to the street Thursday to challenge Americans to name another country on the map of the globe and the results weren't very flattering for the participants' intelligence.

"The president is overseas. He's visiting Belgium, England, Scotland, and then his pal Putin in Finland," Kimmel said to introduce the segment. "It's imperative that America has strong relationships with and knowledge about people in other lands, and that responsibility extends to all of us, not just the president, so we came up with a test."

It's one of the simplest tests you can imagine, too. "Name a country on a map. That's it. There's a map, we said name a country -- any country -- and here's how that went."

Spoiler alert: not well!

"Africa," said one gentleman while pointing to the continent that is not a country.

He wasn't alone. Two more people identified Africa as a country, as well. When Kimmel's correspondent asked one of those two to name a country in Africa, a woman answered, "No. Who knows stuff like that?"

Another young woman -- who graduated both high school and college -- also completely failed to name a single country and couldn't even find the continent of Europe on the map.

"Where is America?" the correspondent asked the woman, who then pointed to Asia and said, "I would say this big one, but I'm probably wrong."

Well, at least she was, uh, smart enough(?)to know she was wrong.

But there is hope for our future! A young teenage boy successfully named every country in South America and even knew where Greenland, Iceland, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea were, too. Hooray for children!

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