Super Bowl Halftime Show
The Super Bowl Halftime Show




Yesterday was the first day in quite a while that Bill Cosby was able to retweet somebody.

12 hours ago


My hubby just turned me on to an @justinbieber song "Love Yourself" He's too cute (hubby) & great song My Wednesday morning jam

12 hours ago


Remember, you can't reach what's in front of you until you let go of what's behind you....

21 hours ago


Happy Monday 😊 I am truly understanding this. Embrace your struggles. Work with them instead… https://t.co/TFtbkSWdo3

3 days ago


If only my uber driver had stopped at 5 strawberry air-freshener trees, we might have had a chance at survival. #thesixthtree

3 days ago


Hey Dada, could you please move your coffee so I don't spill it? - My Daughter, mid swim time. Apparently she's an adult.

4 days ago


Do you guys know how hard it was to keep this a secret?!?!? 😂 #DreamgirlsLDN thank you for being excited with me!

7 days ago


A little taste of what we'll see on Earth 2 next week on cwtheflash. https://t.co/LhTiuJpvCT

7 days ago


I’m a big lover of creating lists and charts whenever I want to refresh my awareness or connection with the many aspects of my life.

7 days ago


TBT to last year... playing the Super Bowl half-time show❗️Ya gotta go behind-the-scenes on how… https://t.co/wKRCdi2mHl

7 days ago


The guy at the bodega on my block thinks I'm the star of 2 Broke Girls and I'm not correcting him CC: @officialkat @bethbehrs

8 days ago


Thank you @sagaftra, so appreciative of my peers! Congrats to all the winners and nominees tonight! #SAGawards https://t.co/zmd4eXp9Xo

12 days ago


Every joke my kid makes up, ends with the punchline " because had to poop on him". What's up with that. It's totally gross. She is demented

13 days ago


Joseph Fiennes is playing Michael Jackson in a TV movie, and I'm playing Rachel Doleanz in a Cheerio's commercial.

13 days ago


Hey Ty, congrats to you and Erik! You'll be a great mom! Xoxo @tyrabanks

14 days ago


Happy 18th birthday @arielwinter1!!!!! It blows my mind that you're now the age I was when we… https://t.co/2tGW8uMa2S

14 days ago


Happy 18th birthday @arielwinter1! You are such a kind, talented, and beautiful woman and it's been fun getting to.. https://t.co/LVaa9BAFwO

14 days ago


I just love you kroybiermann everyday all day and forever #NationalSpouseDay 😍 #Thankful #Blessed https://t.co/i1cxoSpHny

16 days ago


I love when dreams feel so real. Such good ones last night.

17 days ago