1112_cher_singleCher may have a reputation as a man-eater, but in an upcoming interview with Parade magazine, the "Burlesque" star begs to differ.

Of her many lovers, she tells the magazine, "I loved all of those guys. I had the best time. I'm not man crazy, but I loved being with them."

Cher adds that finding the right guy is no easy task for her. "It takes a very strange man to be the right man for me, there's no mathematical equation."

And Cher says she's not one to completely write off her exes. "I've remained friends with the guys that I've been with. I stay in touch with all of them. I never had any kind of acrimonious relationship with any  of the men I've been with. Our relationships might not have ended calmly but we cooled down, and we're still friends."

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