It's the morning after the Royal Wedding, but new photos from yesterday's big event are still rushing in -- including the official wedding portraits of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The portraits, taken in the throne room of Buckingham Palace, include one photo of the newlyweds, another of them with the children in the ceremony and one more with family -- including the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Phillippa Middleton and Kate's brother and parents.

After the photos were taken (and the balcony kiss), the happy couple was able to leave, change and then return to Buckingham Palace for an evening reception.

The two were spotted today on the Palace grounds heading to a helicopter -- but it wasn't taking them to their secret honeymoon. They've instead decided to wait a bit for their getaway and will spend the weekend in an undisclosed location before William returns to work as a search and rescue pilot next week.

Kate's family was also spotted today leaving the Goring Hotel, where they've been staying ahead of the wedding.

The bride's flowers were also placed on the grave of an unknown soldier inside Westminster Abbey, per tradition.

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