Kirstie Alley has never looked better.

The 60-year-old has put her "Fat Actress" days behind her thanks to her intense training on "Dancing With the Stars."

Alley and professional partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy have made it all the way to the "Dancing" finale, which airs tonight on ABC.

Check out all of their photos from the entire season, and see her newly svelte self:


Alley has gotten noticeably toner over the course of her run on the show. She bared her stomach in a midriff in the middle of the season, and shimmied in a purple fringed dress last week.

"The thing that I like the most is I just feel really, really strong and really limber, and that feels pretty natural to me," Alley told "Access Hollywood" recently. "I love that feeling. I don't feel weak at all, and I was feeling a little bit weak."

Alley's weakness may have stemmed from the 1,400 calorie a day diet she was on, but upped to 2,000 after Chmerkovskiy expressed concerns. “He’s probably right," the actress told Us Weekly two weeks ago. "Usually what I do to lose weight, I eat 1,400 calories, but I guess if I’m working out five or seven hours then you have to change it around a little bit."

She'll be vying for the mirror ball trophy against Disney star Chelsea Kane and NFL star Hines Ward.

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