0901_paxton_single"Shark Night 3D" opens in theaters Friday, and TooFab caught up with star Sarah Paxton.

The actress dished on the horror film and how it was to work with hunky costars Dustin Milligan ("90210"), Chris Carmack ("The O.C.") and Chris Zylka ("10 Things I Hate About You").

Check out her interview and see photos from "Shark Night 3D" below!

TooFab: Tell us about your character in the film!

Paxton: I play Sara, what a stretch [laughs]. She's the ringleader of the group. It's her lakehouse that all her friends are going to vacation at. She starts off the girl next door, the nice girl type, and as the plot thickens you see she has this dark secret she’s been keeping from everybody. In a way, it’s kinda her fault that all these bad things are happening.

TooFab: Would you say this movie is a modern version of "Jaws"?

Paxton: It’s similar in the sense that the director wanted to build suspense and tension for the audience and rewards them by showing a gruesome bloody death. It’s different because we have many kinds of sharks. Instead of one killer shark, we have many killer sharks and they can kill you in many different ways.

TooFab: How did you prepare for the role?

Paxton: They had us all train with Navy SEALs. We learned how to breathe through the scuba regulators and had swimming lessons.

TooFab: Since you spend most of the movie in a bikini, did you feel you had to work out harder?

Paxton: No, not really. I left a week after I signed on to do the movie. We all met in the airport and were like, “Yeah, we’re going to work out like crazy; every night we’re going to be on the treadmill!" After a long day of being underwater I would be so exhausted. The filming In it of itself was a workout!

TooFab: How was it like working with all the hot shirtless guys?

Paxton: It was good [laughs]. We know each other so well and every single day you’re seeing the same person in the same bathing suit, it’s kinda like “we’re all naked here … no biggie!”


TooFab: Did filming this movie change how you felt about going in the water?

Paxton: I already am terrified of the ocean. Now I am even more scared. I was watching Shark Week and did research.  There have been different shark attacks in the news constantly this year alone. I’m even more scared!

TooFab: What's your favorite scary movie?

Paxton: I’m a big pansy when it comes to scary movies. I usually watch scary movies through the cracks in my fingers. I’d have to say the movie of all time ... the movie I can’t watch to this day is "The Exorcist." And "The Ring." I watched the whole movie with my hands over my eyes. I was so scared!