Russell Brand isn't going to be "The One That Got Away" from Katy Perry.

The actor slams rumors that he and his wife of about a year are splitting on today's "Ellen DeGeneres Show," telling the talk show host "Yeah, there are always rumors aren’t there.  In the end you have to just not engage with Internet technology, which is difficult because a lot of the nude women websites I quite enjoy."

He continues, "I’ve treated the whole Internet now like it’s a wicked little liar.  Yeah. I am really happily married ... Being famous is like a little bit of you is taken away and goes off and lives on it’s own and does what it wants."

He definitively adds "I’m married to Katy. Perpetually, until death do us part was the pledge.  I’m still alive."

As for Katy saying she wants to start a family soon, Russell jokes "I would like one.  I love those little babies in the beginning."

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