Kim Kardashian
let fans inside her closet ... and not everyone is liking what they see.

The reality TV star took to Twitter this week to flaunt photos of her massive shoe collection, prompting both jealousy and scorn from her followers.

On Monday, Kardashian posted three pictures from inside her impressive shoe closet, which was jam-packed with Christian Louboutins, organized by color.

"KIMMMMMMMM!!!!!! I want all your shoes! Maybe we can share lol," one of her many followers said of the photos.

"So beautiful!! How do you ever chose which ones to wear that day!?" wrote another.

But not everyone was as envious.

"Seriously why are u showing this ? Everybody knows u have much more than almost the rest of the world. So what is your goal with this? Make other people jealous? Guess what... You did, good job girl! Something to be proud of," one follower complained.

 "The sad part about this is that there are millions of people around the world starving and without a home. And here you have a closet of shoes worth more than a million dollars. we live in such a selfish world," wrote another.

All this went down before Kim showed up to Kanye West's fashion show in Paris yesterday wearing shoes worth almost $6,000!

Is it all too much? Or are you a fan of Kim's excess? Sound off below!

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