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Cher Horowitz is back at a San Fernando Valley liquor store ... and once again, it's all thanks to Elton.

"Clueless" co-stars Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto reunited at Circus Liquor on Tuesday to film a promo for his new TV show, "Suburgatory."  Alicia started a guest-starring run last night.

Of course, the Circus Liquor parking lot is where Silverstone's fashionista in the classic 1995 flick was memorably dumped by Sisto's character after she rejected his advances. She was then forced to ruin her red Alaia dress after being mugged.

Re-watch the scene below:

While Alicia still looks good in red, we're guessing her bandage dress on Tuesday wasn't another Alaia ... but probably from another "totally important" fashion house like Herve Leger.

Check out what the rest of the "Clueless" cast looks like today in the gallery above!

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