The "Real Housewives" reunions are known for their cattiness, but Thursday's episode featured a fight on a topic that hit below the belt ... literally! Warning, there is some coarse language below.

It began when Kim Zolciak joked that "friend of the Housewives" Marlo Hampton "used her hole to make money." Marlo then retorted with a comment that made host Andy Cohen's jaw drop. Watch as they trade barbs below (the reactions of the other Housewives alone are priceless):

Things got even more heated when Marlo talked about Kim's kids. Did Marlo not know that kids are off limits? But it did bring us our favorite Kim line of the season, "if you had the kids you got pregnant by, you'd have a lot of baby daddies."

Marlo may have gone after Kim's former relationship with "Big Poppa" but the tables were turned when her a viewer asked about rumored relationship with media mogul Ted Turner. Marlo denied that she and Ted had a relationship, claiming instead she was friends with his girlfriend and his daughter.

Whose side are you on?

Part 3 of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion airs next Sunday.

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