Bethenny Frankel
got a handful of Coco's puffs ... and used her famous read end for a cocktail table!

Ice T's flirty and fun wife Coco Austin appears on today's episode of Bethenny's new show, where she let the "Real Housewives of New York"-turned-talk show host feel her up,

"I need to see this thing," Frankel said of Coco's popular posterior ... before grabbing two handfuls of booty!

Coco knows she's got some killer curves and she's proud of them.

"In my mind, I’m a skinny girl, but I know I’m really not," she tells Bethenny. "But in my mind, I got it."

Austin also says her behind is 100% real.
"Of course it was smaller when I was in my teenage years,' she says. "So everybody looks at pictures and they’re like, it’s not as big as it is now.  But, I’m 33. I’m a woman. I gain weight.

Frankel then decided to see if Coco's butt could double as a table ... and proceeded to put a coaster on her rear, put down a margarita glass and then drank out of it!

The full interview with Coco airs today on "Bethenny."

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