0714_jane_singleBelieve it or not, the amazingly talented Jane Lynch turns 52 today!

Best known for her Emmy nominated, Golden Globe winning role as cranky Sue Sylvester on the FOX hit "Glee," Lynch is actually a seasoned actor who's film and TV work spans nearly 25 years -- and she had an extensive theater career prior to that!

In honor of the funny lady's big day, we've compiled a few of the hysterical quotes that Jane's various characters have said over the years. Yes, most come from Coach Sue, but come on, that crazy lady is gold.

Sue Sylvester, "Glee": [Picking out the minority glee kids] "Santana, Wheels, Gay Kid. Come on, move it! Asian, Other Asian, Aretha, and Shaft."

Sue Sylvester, "Glee": [to Will]: "...If it is one minute late, I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark, cold night, I will steal away into your home... and punch you in the face."

Sue Sylvester, "Glee": [to Will] ''I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the ovens of the little elves that live in your hair.''

Paula, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin": [propositioning Andy (Steve Carell) to be her friend with benefits] "I'm very discreet... but I will haunt your dreams."

Sue Sylvester, "Glee": "You can expect a call very soon from my lawyer, Gloria Allred. I'm gonna sue the pants off you, Will. I'm gonna take your house, your car, your extensive collection of vests. I mean, seriously, you wear more vests than the cast of 'Blossom.' I'll see you in court."

Christy Cummings, "Best in Show": "We got to open this, this, these offices, and publish this magazine here, 'American Bitch'. The dog magazine for women and their dogs. Umm, it's a focus on the issues of the lesbian pure bred dog owner."

Sue Sylvester, "Glee": [Speaking with Kurt] Kurt: "When you call me 'lady,' that's bullying and it's really hurtful." Sue: "I'm sorry. I genuinely thought that was your name."

Sue Sylvester, "Glee": "Why would someone assume I'm a Friend of Ellen just because I'm man-ish and I have short hair and I only wear track suits and I coach a girls' sport and I married myself?"

Laurie Bohner, "A Mighty Wind": "I learned to play the ukulele in one of my last films, 'Not-So-Tiny Tim.'"

Sue Sylvester, "Glee": "Somewhere in the English countryside, in a stately manor home, Madonna is weeping!"

Sue Sylvester, "Glee": [to Will] "Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist, animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing about living on the bayou."

Happy Birthday, Jane! We look forward to many more ridiculous quotes for years to come!

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