"The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" may be best know for its silly host, monologue catchphrase "it's a great day for America," and over-the-top antics including a robot skeleton sidekick, but Friday's episode began on a somber note.

Fifty-year-old host Craig Ferguson appeared at the beginning of the telecast, dressed casually in a black button down shirt and sitting behind his desk.

The Scottish native explained that the episode had been recorded on Thursday, prior to the horrific events that transpired in Colorado, and his monologue had included talk of "The Dark Knight Rises."

He no longer felt it appropriate to air the opening of the show as had been taped, and instead delivered a sincere and eloquent message addressing the events that have shaken our country.

Watch below to see Ferguson's full heartfelt message to viewers and to those affected by the tragedy in Aurora.

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