We already know that "This Is 40," the upcoming Judd Apatow sort-of-sequel to "Knocked Up," is going to be funny ... but who knew there'd be such eye candy?

Prepare to say hello to the sexy (pre-pregnancy) Megan Fox, wearing just a bra and underwear!

In "This is 40," Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd return as Pete and Debbie, our favorite -- if somewhat dysfunctional -- married couple from the smash 2007 Katherine Heigl comedy.

Now as Debbie is approaching her 40th birthday, she and Pete are both reevaluating their life as they know it -- with maybe just a hint of mid-life crisis thrown in.

Watch the full trailer above to see the hysterical pair jokingly discuss how they'd kill each other, and find out what happens when they eat a "magic cookie." Oh, and Megan Fox in her undies. You're welcome.

"This Is 40" hits theaters December 21.

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