Kelly Clarkson has covered fellow popstars Katy Perry and Britney Spears, and even rockers like Coldplay and fun.

We never expected Kelly to take on rap -- but that's exactly what she did at her show Friday in Detroit, Michigan!

"Is anyone an Emimem fan?," the 30-year-old singer asked the audience. "I am an Emimen fan as well; I grew up listening to him as well. But the difference is, people, when you listen to him on the radio and sing along to him in your car, you're a lot more badass than you actually are.

"Because when you get alone without Eminem doing it with you, it's not as good."

In true "8 Mile" fashion, Clarkson donned a gray hoodie and busted out some rhymes in homage of the hometown star. Check out her performance below!

What do you think? We think Kelly's pretty badass!

The singer also just released a new song of her own called "Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)," which will be used for promotional purposes by Pepsi for upcoming NFL coverage. What do you think of the tune?