"Glee" did its second Britney Spears tribute episode last night -- and while the first go-around was light and fluffy fun, "Britney 2.0" went to a much darker place.

With no guest appearances by the pop star herself this time around, Heather Morris' "Brittany S. Pierce" was left acting out the real Spears' very public mental breakdown on the show.

The episode, which aired right after Britney on "The X Factor," contained jokes about hair shaving, umbrella-packed paparazzi fights, Chris Crocker and Cheetos ... leading up to a reenactment of Spears' infamous 2007 VMA performance of "Gimme More."

Sure, there were moments about the real Britney's "comeback" -- including a reference to her $14 mil payday for her new judging gig -- but was it all in bad taste for a "tribute" episode?

Check out some highlights from the episode above. What do you think?

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