UPDATE: Jamie wants to be sure MTV and fans of "The Real World" know she doesn't regret doing the show, tweeting "I would like to say that being on real world was a once in a lifetime opportunity & am grateful. I will forever LOVE my MTV."

Being on "Real World" worked out pretty well for Jamie Chung, who stars in the new Quentin Tarantino-"presented" flick, "The Man with the Iron Fists."

But, eight years after being on the first San Diego season, Chung says the reality show is not something she'd suggest to anyone trying to break into the acting biz.

When we asked Jamie if she ever thought she'd be working with Quentin or if she'd recommend the reality route for aspiring actors, her answer was simple.

"I think I can simply answer both questions with a 'Helllll no!'"

"Being on 'Real World' I did not think I'd be in a movie presented by Quentin Tarantino ... and I would not recommend aspiring actors unless they need the money," she tells toofab. "Or unless they are in college and want a really cool experience to do a reality show."

Chung was working two jobs to pay for her college tuition when she signed up -- and while it definitely changed her life, it came with a privacy price tag.

"It's too invasive. I think there's something kind of beautiful about actors who keep their lives so private like Michelle Williams or Anne Hathaway," she now says.

Jamie adds that she appreciates stars who don't "just put it all out there like Jwoww or the Snooks" ... but admits she's a big fan of the show -- "I am liking this season!"

Since her time on "Real World: San Diego," Jamie went on to appear in "The Hangover Part II," played Mulan on "Once Upon a Time," was just cast in "Sin City 2" and plays the beautiful and dangerous Lady Silk in "The Man with the Iron Fists" ... out this weekend.

But how have other "Real World"-ers fared since being on the show? Check out our gallery above to check in on the stars of the show's first 14 seasons!

Also, see more of hottie Jamie and her costars Lucy Liu, Russell Crowe, RZA and more in "The Man with the Iron Fists" movie stills below!


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