"I have the best boobs," Lisa Hochstein boasted in a recent interview with toofab's Lawrence Yee, "that's a no-brainer!"

But as the interview with the "Real Housewives of Miami" star continued, it became obvious that she's more than her plastic surgeon and husband Lenny Hochstein's "best creation." Read on to see what Lisa has to say about boobs, her body, and babies. It's surprisingly candid and for lack a better word, real.

toofab: In the "Housewives" intro line, you say that you're your husband's "best creation." Other than your breast augmentation, have you had any other cosmetic surgery?

Lisa: People who get my sense of humor understand that the opening line is just a Lisa-ism. It doesn't literally mean I'm his "best creation." I'm just poking fun at the fact he's a plastic surgeon and he redid my breasts because I had a bad boob job before. I called it an "uniboob." I wanted them to make them look nice. I'm walking around with this guy who's known as "The Boob God" [husband Lenny] ... how silly would it look if I was walking around with a horrible boob job and people would associate his work with that?

I did have a rhinoplasty a long time ago but it didn't change my face that much. The only major change I had was my bust because I was flat as a board. I was an A and now I'm a D.

toofab: When did you have your bad "uniboob" job?

Lisa: I was 19. I didn’t do my research, which is very important. Don’t always look at the cost, because you get what you pay for. I was looking for more of a bargain because I was so young and I didn’t want to spend all this money. If I didn’t meet my husband it would have cost me a lot more to fix in the long run. Make sure your doctor is board-certified and do your research.

toofab: Of all the "Housewives," who do you think has the best plastic surgery?

Lisa: Me, of course [laughs]. I have the best boobs. That's a no brainer, because my husband's the best.

toofab: Which housewife could benefit from redoing their plastic surgery, or getting some done?

Lisa: I haven't had that much plastic surgery; I've probably had less than most. I'm not naming names, but I bet you that half of the women on all these shows have had at least two things done. They just don't admit it and I'm being honest and upfront talking about it. People should look at that and say, "hey, she's right."

Commenter on blogs say, "Oh, she's so plastic but her personality is so wonderful." They're starting to get my personality and overlooking the plastic surgery.


toofab: Plastic surgery can only do so much. You're big on fitness, too. What's your routine?

Lisa: People are so busy nowadays, I think working out 3-4 times a week is perfect. I do 40-45 minutes of cardio each time I work out because that’s one of the most important things you can do. I alternate muscle groups on each day. I’ll start with my biceps and triceps one day and the next day I’ll do my shoulders and back. Another day I’ll do my legs and butt. Each day I’ll do my abs and calves because I feel like you can do those muscles often and it doesn’t create too much bulk.

Of course eating is number one, even above exercise. If you’re eating horribly no matter what kind of exercise you do you won’t get the results you want. I always eat 5-6 small meals a day. I eat a lot of protein, low carbs. Never skip breakfast because if you do you’ll tend to overeat and indulge in something later. I always have my protein shakes because it’s important to feed your muscles.

toofab: You and Lenny have talked about wanting to expand your family and the challenges you've faced. Any updates on that front?

Lisa: We are currently seeking the help of a fertility specialist. We've talked about the miscarriages on the show. We've had struggles even with the fetility doctor. I thought we’d go to a fertility doctor and it’d just happen. But that’s not the case, it takes time. It takes awhile before you can have your dreams fulfilled. We’re not going to give up we’re going to keep on trying. By next season, hopefully you’ll see me welcome a little one into the world.

toofab: And what about the new house?

Lisa: We don’t live on Star Island, we have property there but there’s still loopholes we’re trying to overcome. We’re very excited to eventually close on the Star Island home because it was a very big business deal. It was a no brainer; [Lenny] couldn’t pass it up. The property is better. I’m very excited to build with him and really have my say in the design that is my true dream house, my dream closet, dream bedroom, dream kitchen.

For more on Lisa, be sure to watch "The Real Housewives of Miami" on Bravo. Also, check out her newly launched website -- www.lisamariehochstein.com -- to see her sexy modeling portfolio, ask Lisa questions, and more!

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