What's better than seeing the world's most beautiful women in their bikinis? Seeing them in completely over-the-top costumes (well, sort-of)!

As part of the 2012 Miss Universe competition, each of the delegates hit the stage in a costume inspired by their nation ... and we have a sneak peek.

While some of the ladies look simply stunning, others are pretty comical. Take Miss Denmark, who has to be the worst mermaid we've ever seen. Why is she plugging her nose? Mermaids can breathe under water! And don't get us started on her seaweed belt!

It looks like a few of the delegates' costumes were inspired by celebs; there were definitely looks reminiscent of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and even Johnny Depp. As for Miss USA Olivia Culpo, she definitely went the patriotic route -- complete with fireworks.

Click on the "Launch Gallery" above to see all the costumes and watch all of them compete live tonight on NBC.