In the first two seasons of "American Horror Story" there have already been Satanic babies, possessed nuns, Nazis, rubber suit-wearing rapists, aliens, a homicidal Santa, mutant children, mutant mental patients, ghosts and a human-skin masked maniac named Bloody Face ... so, what's next?

Show creator Ryan Murphy revealed some hints about what's in store for the show's third season ... and announced three stars who are coming back for more.

The next season is reportedly "really about female power," Murphy said at a press conference on Thursday -- perhaps more evidence that witches will play a role in the main plot.

He also said the story will take place in modern times -- and will include flashbacks. Like Season One, the show will also feature "star-crossed lovers" and will be "funnier" than the dark fare of Season Two.

Murphy adds that Jessica Lange will return and she will "play a real glamour cat sort of lady." Glamour ... cats ... again, more witchy talk, right?

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will also be back and Murphy says cast members who were in Season One, but not in Season Two, will return as well.

No official word on where it'll be set, but we're hoping for a Southern locale ... if only to get away from the bad Boston accents.

What do you think of the news? Season Three of "American Horror Story" will start in Fall 2013, Season Two ends next week.