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Amanda Bynes
is at it again with her interesting style changing ways -- she's a redhead now!

Well, maybe ...

Though it sure looked like the birthday girl running errands in New York this week (just look at the face piercings and jacket, which Bynes has been seen wearing) ... she says it's not her!

On Tuesday Bynes posted, "My hair is blonde I've never been a redhead! Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on twitter for up to date pictures!," but the tweet was later deleted from her account. 

Could there be an Amanda Bynes impostor out there?!

The actress's hair isn't the only change making headlines ... the "What I Like About You" star is still dealing with legal trouble from her 2012 hit and run and driving without a license charges.

On Tuesday, Amanda's attorney was informed that she will only have one more continuance in her misdemeanor driving on a suspended license case, after she didn't show up for the hearing.

We hope she gets the help she needs ...  a good PR team and stylist would be a decent start.

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