Hanson is mmmback -- with an awesome song and music video!

The trio just dropped their new music video for "Get the Girl Back" featuring appearances from "Twilight's" Nikki Reed and "Two Broke Girls'" Kat Dennings.

There are also cameos from Nikki's husband, Paul McDonald, and Drake Bell and Drew Seeley.

In the video, Taylor, Issac, and Zac Hanson are seen performing on stage (looking quite dapper), while Nikki bartends and Kat watches the show -- and both the fellas in the video, manage get their girls (Reed and Dennings) back.

Check out the clip above to see the super cute music video. We forgot how talented (and good-looking) these Hanson boys are.

 What do you think of their new song? Sound off below and check out more teen idols then and now!


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